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Grammar Workshop B3-I1

Come along with your questions about grammar and your teacher will guide you through some of the more tricky areas.

Chit-Chat Club

Have a chat about how it has been in your destination, in your home and for your family. Normally topics change and this is ok. Make sure you participate by asking questions and answering questions with details! Shyness is normal for everyone so don’t be too shy 🙂

Faux Calligraphy

In this activity, you will learn the Basics of calligraphy without having to buy fancy and expensive tools of calligraphy. You can use it to make journals, notes and greeting cards more interesting with a personal touch of your calligraphy. All you need for this class is sheets of blank paper, a pencil, erase and a scale to draw lines and you’re all set to make your own greeting cards. No worries if you have bad handwriting, faux calligraphy is all about shapes. Learn the basics and indulge in this meditative activity every day at your own pace.


This class is for those who wish to improve not only their fitness but also their emotional and mental health. We are going to dance and exercise to increase energy and endurance and reduce body fat.

Grammar Help

“Teacher, I don’t understand the difference between past simple and present perfect!”

“I know what present perfect is, but I can’t use it correctly!”

These are some of the complaints students have about the present perfect, one of the most wicked trouble makers of English grammar. If you want your past to be simple and your present perfect, join Afshin in his grammar workshop, where you will understand the differences between the past simple and the present perfect, and  you will get lots of practice using the two.


Photography is a great hobby that can be developed both inside and outdoors. Along with learning some new vocabulary, we will focus on creative ideas to make our images more interesting.

These skills can be used both for inside and outdoor pictures. There will also be some informal conversation to share our ideas on photography       |       |      Privacy Policy