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Dan’s Conversation Club

Keep your English language skills active by participating in this fun topic-based conversation class. We will choose interesting conversation topics like: culture, dating, travel and business and have group, class and pair discussions. You can expect to learn new vocabulary and make some new friends in this class.

Dan’s conversation club is taught by Dan, who has been teaching at ILSC for 14 years. Dan’s interests include, sports, travel, health, Psychology and world culture.

Core Strength Pilates

Want to try a new challenging workout? Do you want to get slim and tone your body from home?

Join our dynamic beginner Pilates class. We’ll guide you through a range of strengthening and stretching exercises. Pilates will strengthen and tone your mid-section, legs and butt.

You can work out your WHOLE body and feel great, and all while brushing up on your English listening and vocabulary.

Yoga Flow with Katy

Are you stuck at home? Do you want to get some exercise? Do you want to feel calm and peaceful? If you said “yes” “yes” and “yes” then YOGA WITH KATY is the activity for you!

In this class you will move, you will stretch, you will breathe, you will relax, and you will have fun.  All you need is your body, some comfortable clothes, and a bit of floor space.  This is an all-levels class.  You will practice with your video and sound off, so no need to feel shy.  Treat yourself to an hour of yoga.  You won’t regret it!       |       |      Privacy Policy