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The ILSC & Greystone College Contact Guide

Where to go for support

Check Your App

  • Complete pre-arrival forms
  • Activities Calendars
  • Digital Student ID Card
  • Update your email
  • Self-Service requests (Australia)
  • Live Chat with Student Advisors (Melbourne only)

Talk to your teacher, trainer or instructor

  • Problems with your class
  • Questions about your level
  • Problems with the materials

Talk to a Co-op Program Advisor (Canada)

  • Resume, cover letter editing
  • Job search support
  • Interview preparation

Talk to your Director, Greystone College Canada Programs

  • Schedule/program/class changes
  • Course retakes
  • Requesting a break
  • Attendance policies
  • Curriculum

Talk to a Pathway Coordinator

  • Information about possible study after you finish your course
  • Your academic progress
  • Study skills support
  • Changing your Pathway destination
  • An individualised learning plan

Contact a Student Advisor

  • Cultural support
  • Changing programs
  • Extensions
  • Timetable changes
  • Withdrawal / Cancellation
  • Scheduling holidays
  • Campus transfer
  • University pathways

Talk to your local campus reception or school administration

  • Support with technology
  • Questions about campus access