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T2202 Tax Form Request (Greystone Canada Only)

T2202 Tax Form Requests can be submitted at any time during your Greystone College program; however, these tax receipts are only emailed to students during the month of February of each year. Please be sure to check your junk/spam folders for it.   

Also, please note that the T2202 does not include homestay, registration, or material fees.  In addition, the co-op term is not considered an academic period of study by the government.  Moreover, ILSC tuition is not permissible for tax receipts, only post-secondary education qualifies. 

The deadline for T2202 Tax Form Requests for the previous year is February 14th of each year. 

The tax filing deadline is April 30th of each year.

We understand that filing your tax returns can be stressful and confusing. Here are a few helpful resources for you: 

We hope that these additional resources will help. If you require further information on the status of your tax slips, you can email: