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Juniors Digital Setup Guide

Follow the steps to activate your account and access your Juniors Program email 

Sign in to Microsoft 365

Slide to follow instructions   

‘Sign In’ to

Enter your Username

Enter your password

Create your new password

Minimum 8 characters, with 1 Capital, 1 number and 1 special character (eg: @#$%&)

Keep going…click NEXT

Choose Other Method

Select Phone

Enter Phone Number and Text Code

Enter SMS Code

Enter the code from the text message and click Sign In

    Go to your ILSC Junior Camp Inbox

    Your ILSC Junior Camp Email Account

    Before you arrive and while you are in the Junior Camp program, you can expect to receive the following items in your ILSC email inbox:

    • Welcome Email

    • English Language Test Explanation

    • Orientation Session Information

    • Important Updates, Newsletters and Photos

    • Feedback Surveys