What is Moodle?


 Greystone College students can find everything they need to study on Moodle, our learning platform.

Watch the videos below to learn how to log in, find your resources and much much more.

Access on your computer or personal device.

Canada students go to : http://learn.greystonecollege.com/

Australia students go to: https://learn.greystonecollege.com.au/

How to Navigate Moodle

How to Check Your Grades in Moodle

How to log in

First you need to login to Microsoft 365 (www.office.com) and complete the setup process. If you haven’t done that yet, go here for instructions or watch one of the videos on the right.

Then login to Moodle using your username and your new password. Your username will always be your student number + @ilsceducation.com.

Australia Students

Canada Students

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