Safety and Security

Emergencies in Australia

If you are in danger and need Police, Fire or Ambulance services, please call the number for the country you are in

Emergencies in Canada and USA

Abuse, bullying, domestic violence and other forms of harassment

ILSC commits to creating safe and welcoming places to work and study. All members of our community have agreed to follow a Code of Conduct to achieve that goal. If you are experiencing any of these situations, you can talk to someone confidentially. You are not alone. Talk to your Student Advisor to ask for support.

What is harassment? 

Sexual Harassment and Consent

ILSC and Greystone College Campuses have a zero tolerance for sexual harassment. If you are not sure what ‘Consent’ means, please watch the video.

Resources and Policies

Greystone College Montréal

Politique institutionelle visant à contrer les violences à caractère sexuel

Institutional policy to counter sexual violence

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