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Écoute/Questions/Expression/Confiance – débutant 2&3


Participe à cet atelier et tu pourras

a) développer ses compétences en écoute avec des dialogues de la vie quotidienne

b) Poser des questions des 3 manières possibles et à différents temps.

c) Améliorer sa participation à l’oral en travaillant la confiance en soi.

English through Movies+ intermediate 2 and higher

Gods & Mythology with Marvel’s Eternals + Colonialism & The Resource Curse with Dune.

Join Nicholas in discussing the inspiration for the movie adaptation of Marvel’s comic The Eternals, while also learning about Greek & Roman Mythology and discussing myths & legends from students’ countries.  Not only that, we’ll discuss The Natural Resource curse and colonialism as it relates to Dune, as well as looking at the cinematographic choices Denis Villeneuve made in bringing Frank Herbert’s epic story to the screen.

Reading & Vocab (Intermediate)

We will be using resources like and finding recent articles about events happening around the world.  There isa reading component, then vocabulary exercises based on the reading.       |       |      Privacy Policy