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Multiskills B4- I1

Come practice your Speaking / Listening skills while learning new Vocabulary and polishing your Grammar; varied topics include Art, Education, Family, Food, Health, News & Media, Society, Travel, Work etc…

Vocabulary: Sports – I3 – I4- Adv

The Olympics have just finished, and many students are going to study in Canada, so let’s learn about Canadian sports and athletes, let’s analyze some of the best moments of Tokyo 2020, and let’s level up our sports VOCABULARY, as well review COMPARATIVES, SUPERLATIVES, RELATIVE PRONOUNS, LINKING WORDS (such as BUT, HOWEVER, EVEN THOUGH, DESPITE, BECAUSE, SO, etc…).

Fun with Words & Writing (B3-B4)

Practice your vocabulary and writing with a fun English word game: Madlibs! You’ll learn and laugh with your teacher, Sonja! This will be a fun review of word forms and writing.

It’s Soccer Time (All Levels)

We are back! Join Jon for a workshop all about soccer. This is an IN-PERSON workshop where you will experience the excitement of practising (drills and games) and playing with international teammates. Learn about the game, get fit and be part of an international team. Don’t just watch it on tv, it’s time to be part of the world’s greatest game again. Please come dressed for soccer and bring some water/ snacks/sunscreen.

We will meet Jon outside in the park across from the school at 8:30am and go together to the field.

Resume Writing I1-I3

This is an IN-PERSON workshop!  What does a Canadian resume look like? Barb will help you with all the info you need to make yours 🙂

Writing & Editing (B4-I2)

What are the three types of sentences in English? Do you know how to connect your ideas into longer sentences? Do you know how to use conjunctions (“and”, “but”, “so”, “when,” “while,” “because,” “although,” etc.) and signal words (“However,” “Therefore,” “In addition,” “Moreover” and others) to make your writing very clear and easy to understand? Do you know how to use punctuation and capitalization correctly? You will have these questions answered in a one-day editing workshop. The students will also discuss common mistakes in sentence structure and usage resulting from their first languages.       |       |      Privacy Policy