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ILSC Canada – Orientations

ILSC Montreal

Orientation on Microsoft Teams (Online)

Start Date Week 1 at 9:00am (EST)

On-campus Tour at 12:30pm (optional)

Start Date Weeks 2, 3 and 4 at 8:30am (EST) on campus

*see the Montreal Week 1 Start Dates here

ILSC Toronto

Orientation on Microsoft Teams (Online)

​​​​​​​Week 1 Monday : 9:00am (EST)

Week 1 only – On-campus Tour at 12:30 (optional)

Weeks 2, 3 and 4 Orientation at 8:30am (EST)

*see the Toronto Week 1 Start Dates here

ILSC Vancouver

Orientation on Microsoft Teams (Online)

​​​​​​​Week 1 first day: 9:00am local time 

On-campus/downtown tour at 12:30 (Week 1 only)

If you start in Weeks 2, 3, or 4, join your Orientation from 8:30am 

*see the Vancouver Week 1 Start Dates here

When it’s time for your Orientation, find your Teams link here – activate your digital account first

What can you do before orientation?

1. Complete your Digital Access

Go to the Student Digital Setup Guide and complete the 3 Steps then continue with the e-Forms.

2. Complete your English Level Test

You will receive an email invitation to the ILSC English Placement Test. Complete the test as soon as you can so we can help plan your studies.

3. Complete your e-Forms in the myilsc app

Go to the Arrival Guide in the app and complete the First Day Forms (Student Orientation Day Forms and the Waiver) in the First Day Orientation section.

4. Read the Student Academic Guide

Complete your digital access and read the guide to help you have a successful study experience.


Go to the Ready for Class page, filter for your campus and check what pre-arrival tasks you need to complete.

You cannot complete the e-Forms if you do not activate your digital access. If you do not have your digital access information, go to the Welcome New Students Page and contact Tech Support