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Ready to Start – Greystone College

Click on the school you will study with next and check the list to confirm that you are ready to start studying.

If you have any questions, talk to your agency or, if you have already started studying, talk to your campus Student Advisor.

Greystone College Campuses

Application Form

Various methods of application are available. Talk to your Agency about this.

Appropriate Visa or Study Permit

Make sure you have the correct visa for your course of study, eg: Student Visa, Study Permit. Talk to your Agency if you are not sure.


Certificate of Acceptance of Quebec – all international students studying in Quebec must apply for this document in addition to their Study Permit

Compulsory Private Health Insurance

Australia : Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for all Student Visa Holders

Canada: Medical Insurance for all students with study permits for 6 months or longer

Copy of Passport Provided

Scan so that all personal details are clear

Pre-Arrival e-Forms

Student Waiver – Academic Integrity – Greystone Enrolment Form

Sign into, download the myGreystone app, and complete these forms using the links on the Explore page.

Or go to the Greystone College Australia Orientation page for direct links to each form, after you activate your digital access account.


Talk to your Agent if not yet completed, or to your Student Advisor if you are on-shore or have studied a previous course with us.

Prerequisite Qualifications

Year 10 or Year 12 certificates, proof of experience or other Certificates/Diplomas. Talk to your agent or the school if you haven’t completed this.

Proof of English Level

You MUST provide proof of your English level to be accepted into your course. This can be an English certificate from ILSC or another approved English provider, a certificate from an international English exam such as IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge or PTE, or you may be asked to complete the ILSC Online Language Assessment. You cannot start studying if your proof of English level is not provided.

Residential Address

Most recent up-to-date address in city of study. It is a requirement to inform the school of any change in residence within 7 days.

Signed LOA/Written Agreement

For Student Visa Holders only

Sign Student Contract

You will receive the Student Contract before your Start Date. 

Take a selfie in the app

Take a photo of yourself in the myILSC app so we can see who you are. This will become the photo for your digital student card in the myILSC app.

USI (Unique Student Identifier) Provided

All Greystone College Australia students must provide their USI to the school. Go to the government website to create or find your USI then send to