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ILSC Online Learning

Instructions on first login at


Can I interact with my teacher during class?

Yes, speaking between students and with the teacher is very important for your learning.  Please make sure your microphone works.

Are teachers taking attendance?

Yes, attendance is being taken. Teachers can see which students are online.  Our normal attendance policies apply.

I am sick, can I skip class?

We care about your health. If you are very sick, please inform your Student Advisor. If you feel well enough to participate in our online classes, please do so to give continuity to your program.

Please contact our student advisors in your city and tell us your student number and name.

I cannot login. What should I do?

To access your class, please go to

Enrol with your student number – For Vancouver, use VE plus your student number – ve000000 and the password “changeme“.  (for Toronto TE, for Montreal QE, for Melbourne ME, for Brisbane BE, for Sydney SE and for Adelaide AE)

Go to ILSC online classes.  Click “use this link to go to your online class”.  Install Zoom to join your classroom, if needed.

If it does not work, at the login page, press CTRL + F5 to clear the cache, then log in again

If you still have a problem, please contact our student advisors in your city and tell us your student number and name and we will update your profile.


Where can I get my textbook?

We are trying to organise e-books for most of our courses.  As soon as we have these, we will let you know through the app.  In the meantime, we are using our normal text books.  Please contact our student advisors in your city if you need some help.

I cannot see my online class on the app.

Currently the online class is not on the app.

To access your class, please go to

Enrol with your student number – For Vancouver, use VE plus your student number – VExxxxxx and the password “changeme“.  (for Toronto TE0xxxxx, for Montreal QE0xxxxx, for Melbourne ME0xxxxx, for Brisbane BE0xxxxx, for Sydney SE0xxxxx and for Adelaide AE0xxxxx)

Go to ILSC online classes.  Click “use this link to go to your online class”.  Install Zoom to join your classroom, if needed.


How can I join online classes?

If you are a continuing student, please log into and access your online class from the link there.

If you are a new student, welcome! You will receive an email with your class code to use when you log into
Your password to enter the first time is your birthdate:  Year, Month, Date  YYYYMMDD

What is the schedule for online classes?

There is no change to your schedule – it is the same as before. You can check the App to see the timings for your classes.

I finished my course this week, how can I get my certificate?

ILSC Canada: certificates will be issued on a later date. Please contact Student Advisors so they can email you a soft copy once ready. If you would like to pick up your certificate, you can come as soon as ILSC reopens for face to face classes.

ILSC Australia: you can come to the school campus to collect your certificate. PDF certificates will not be issued.

Can I come to the school/college campus to use the computers?

Unfortunately, all ILSC and Greystone College campuses are closed in order to respect public health & safety guidelines.

How can I choose my class for when the school re-opens?

Keep an eye on your email and social media for more information.

Can I access my online class from anywhere?

Yes, you can access from anywhere as long as you have access to a mobile/laptop/other and internet.

How long are online classes going to be running?

We are now offering online learning opportunities to future students who currently find themselves unable to travel as a result of the impact of COVID-19. In order to assist students with their planning in these times of uncertainty, ILSC is announcing that additional online learning programs will be available until September 4th (subject to extension and separate to any announcements regarding ILSC being able to move its current students back into school).

Program and Courses

I want to take an academic class like IELTS or Cambridge. Do you offer these online?

ILSC is planning to offer these classes online very soon. Stay tuned for announcements on this.

Why is ILSC not offering skill classes online?

Our Academic Teams have been working on the development of other online classes.

I am attending online classes from my country. If I am promoted to a new level, how can I get a new textbook?

Starting in session 5, students who are not able to get physical books will be given e-books.

I was taking Business English class but was place in a Communicaiton class?

During these exceptional times and to follow our commitment to provide the safest possible environment for students we quickly moved to teaching online. As a result, we are currently teaching classes that have teaching resources that the teachers and students can use online.

I am a pathway student, will this affect my transfer to college/university?

We have been in discussions with our university and college partners, who are also having the same problems as we are.  Students graduating this session will be contacted soon with more details.

Can I change my class?

Please contact the Student Advisors with the reasons why you would like to change class.


What happens if I do not want to take online classes?

Standard refund policy applies. Students can go on a break, or take a credit voucher for the class (regardless of their timetable). Valid for one year ( until March 2021).  The voucher may also be transferred to your immediate family (parents/brother/sister) if you are unable to return yourself. Students can continue to study online if they wish to. As in-class lessons return, online classes will stop.

What if I don’t have internet access?

Where students are unable to access our delivery mode, students can request a deferral or suspension of their studies in Australia, or an authorised break in Canada.

If I don’t want to take online classes, can I take a break?

If you haven’t requested a break already, you could request a break for next week and use this time on a later date (considering what your visa status allows).  

Please contact our student advisors in your city and tell us your student number and name.

I don’t want to go study online. Can I request a break in the middle of a session?

No. Breaks can be requested at the end of the next session (normal campus policies apply).

In Canada, students can request breaks in the middle of the session except for UPATH.  However, any break cannot be requested mid-week, so it will be for the following week.  An authorised break can be up to 150 days (immigration rule).  If you choose an authorised break, please check with your immigration advisor about the effect on your study permit, and please consider the effect on your study progression, especially for Greystone courses and ILSC UPath courses.

I enrolled and paid for intensive classes. Will ILSC create online classes for intensive schedule?

We have no online intensive classes at this stage. ILSC can give you an voucher for the lost hours, which you will be able to use in the future for an extension or an upgrade.

How will SPRs and week-4 tests work with the online course at ILSC?

There will be tests and SPRs from session 4 onwards.  These will be adapted to online delivery.

What is happening with tests and level progression?

As of session 4, we are back to normal testing, though online.  Successful students will progress to the next level, as per usual.

Refunds and Credits

I would like to stop classes and get a credit to use when normal classes are back in session. Can I use that credit at any ILSC location?

For ILSC, yes, credits can be used at any ILSC location globally.
Credits for Greystone Australia (VET) can only be used at Greystone locations in Australia.

Can students use their credit to transfer from Australia to Canada (or from Canada to Australia)?

For ILSC and Greystone College Canada students, yes the voucher can be used at any of our global locations.
For Greystone VET students, the voucher can be used at any of our Australian Greystone College locations.

Can students use their credit to transfer to another campus in Australia?

Yes, any ILSC location globally.
Australian Greystone(VET) students can only transfer to another campus in Australia.

Are refunds given for partial completion of an online week? For example – 2 days online and then withdraw?

No, any week started will be treated as a full week.  Please refer to our refund policy.

New Students

Can a student start their course online?

Yes, during travel bans. Once in-class lessons resume, they’ll need to shift to onshore classes. More details to come.

Do I need a laptop computer to join online classes?

No, you do not need a laptop. Your smartphone or tablet will also allow you to participate in the classes. It’s best to have earphones and a microphone.

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