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Frequently Asked Questions

ILSC Online Learning

Instructions on how to log into our digital platform


Are ILSC classes online or face-to-face?

ILSC is happy to provide online classes through ILSC HELLO, our online English Language School. Contact your agent or your Student Advisor for more information. Other ILSC campus classes are all face-to-face.

How can I join online classes?

You will receive an email with your Microsoft 365 login information to use when you log into Go here to see how to login.

ILSC uses Microsoft Teams to provide online classes. To access your class, please make sure you have logged onto using your ILSC login credentials and downloaded the Teams app.

You will find your class in the Teams tab in the application and there may be a meeting link in your Calendar.

You will also receive a welcome e-mail with your class information with instructions on how to join online classes using Microsoft Teams.

After you have logged in, check out the Technology Page in the Student Connect portal for information and links to support your study experience.

What is the schedule for online classes?

ILSC HELLO offers two schedules that can fit your work, life, and personal commitments.
Talk to your agent or Student Advisor for more information.

I finished my course this week, how can I get my certificate?

ILSC Canada: you can come to the school campus to collect your certificate or contact the school to organise shipping.

ILSC Australia: you can come to the school campus to collect your certificate or contact the school to organise shipping or email for a digital certificate.

ILSC-HELLO : You can request your documentation through E-Services by using your MyILSC app.

Can I access my online class from anywhere?

Yes, you can access from anywhere with an internet connection and a mobile/laptop/ or other device.


Can I interact with my teacher during class?

Yes, ILSC’s online classes are interactive, allowing students to communicate with their teachers live. Make sure your camera and microphone are working.

Are teachers taking attendance?

Yes, your attendance is marked for your online classes and is an important aspect for your English progression.

I am sick, can I skip class?

We care about your health. If you are very sick, please inform your Student Advisor. If you feel well enough to participate in our online classes, please do so to give continuity to your program.

You should let your teacher know if you will not join class so that you can rest and recover. Your attendance will be marked as absent.

Or you can contact our student advisors in your city and tell us your student number and name.

I cannot login. What should I do?

Check here for instructions and to find the Tech Support Request Form.

If you are a student with ILSC-HELLO and you still have a problem, please contact and tell us your student number and name.

For all other ILSC Students, if you still have a problem, please contact our student advisors in your city and tell us your student number and name and we will help you find your Team.

Where can I get my textbook?

If you are studying online, you will receive an eBook via email. Please talk to your teacher and/or contact your campus if you have not received it yet.

Program and Courses

I want to take an academic class like IELTS or Cambridge. Do you offer these online?

ILSC HELLO currently offers English for Academic Purposes to help you achieve your higher education goals. For other programs, please contact us with any program enquiries that you have.

Why is ILSC not offering skill classes online?

All the skills are taught and practised within the online class.

I am attending online classes from my country. If I am promoted to a new level, how can I get a new textbook?

You will receive an eBook via email when you are promoted to the next level.

I am a pathway student, will this affect my transfer to college/university?

We have been in discussions with our university and college partners, so that there are no issues with your transfer to your next study destination.

Can I change my class?

Please contact the campus to request class changes. 

ILSC-HELLO students can request a class change using E-Services on the myILSC app.


What if I don’t have internet access?

To participate in ILSC’s online classes, an internet connection is required.

If you are having difficulties with your internet access, please contact your teacher or student advisor to see how we can support you.

How will SPRs and week-4 tests work with the online course at ILSC?

Week 4 assessments will be carried out using Microsoft Forms and other software solutions. All SPRs are available in the myILSC application.

What is happening with tests and level progression?

Whether you study online or face-to-face, ILSC testing is the same and students will progress to the next level if they show language progression.

New Students

Can a student start their course online?

Depending on your study goals, you may be able to study in an online course. Talk to your agency or contact for more information.

Do I need a laptop computer to join online classes?

While a smartphone or tablet will allow you to participate in the classes, you may find a laptop more comfortable. It’s best to have earphones and a microphone.